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How to add a catalog to “My List”?

Catalogs can be watched as many times as you want.

Creating a list in “my picks” is very convenient and allows you to find your

(1)In the general list, check the catalogues that you are interested in and click
on the button “Add to my list” on top. It will add the catalogues selected to your list.

(2)How to watch your picks: in your list, click on the “watch” button, on bottom
left of the catalog to open it.

(3)To remove a catalog from your list, click on the “remove” button, on bottom right

You can add until 50 catalogues in your picks.

The benefits you have in using my picks!!

You can benefit of many advantages depending on the options you choose
while subscribing.

Advantage 1: receive your favorite catalogues at home! (Free service)
By choosing the option “My list’s latest documentations dispatch” we will send you
by post the latest documentations released by the companies of the catalogs added
in your list. If you choose the option “My list's mailing”, we will send you the latest
information concerning the new goods of the companies of your favorite catalogues
by Email.

Advantage 2: get samples without having to order them! (Free service)
  By choosing the option “My list’s sample dispatch” samples concerning goods
of your favorite catalogs will be delivered to you. This service is limited to
samples provided by companies.

Advantage 3: participate to gift campaign automatically (Free service)
  By choosing the option “My list gift campaign's automatic application”
your participation to gift campaigns concerning your favorite goods will be
automatically taken into account. Which means you will be able to win prices just
by adding catalogues in your list. According to our privacy policy, your personal data
will not be given away as the goods will be sent to you directly by us.

My Catalog

“My Catalog” function enables to create a list of catalogues.
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